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Assess small business creditworthiness confidently and easily.

Until now, many organizations avoid acquiring small business customers with limited trade line history because adequate business credit history was a pre-requisite for accurately differentiating profitable prospects from high-risk prospects. But what if you could confidently tap into a market of untouched small businesses by receiving effective risk scores that don't rely on trade line history? Imagine the advantages and long-term benefits of profitably booking low-risk small businesses before your competitors.


LexisNexis® Small Business Risk Score leverages our vast repository of consumer and business public records content and applies advanced analytics to create a non-traditional business credit check that includes a blended risk scoring solution to assess businesses that don’t have an established line of credit.

A simple three-digit numeric score is derived from the public records footprint of the business, the business owner(s) and/or the people associated with the business. This predictive risk score gives you an easy indication of the risk and/or profitability potential of your prospects.

Competitive advantages
This significant segment of the small business market is not only untapped, it's also a group of prospects that are typically seeking trade lines proactively to support their businesses. With this non-credit based scoring tool, your organization can be among the first to accurately assess risk for these ripe prospects. And that can often result in additional product relationships and a group of loyal and appreciative customers.

Confident decision-making when business credit checks aren't enough
LexisNexis Small Business Risk Score merges and analyzes data from filings with the state and federal government, along with compiled information about the consumer, to assess a small business entity's creditworthiness and risk level. What if traditional business credit check information does not exist? Even so, the small Business Risk Score blends asset and derogatory data to generate a creditworthiness picture of both the business and people associated with it. The output score ranks prospects by risk and profitability likelihood so you know whether to pursue or avoid them.

Automated technology
For many lenders, the process of assessing the risk of small businesses is a tedious, time-consuming, manual process. LexisNexis Small Business Risk Score automates and improves the efficiency of the credit granting process, so you can book qualifying small business customers faster.


  • Non-credit based small business risk assessment
  • Current data from multiple consumer and business public records
  • Reliable scoring from proven analytics
  • Easy-to-understand three-digit score
  • Automation of previously subjective processes
  • Reduction in operating cost and manual process

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LexisNexis® Small Business Risk Score does not constitute a "consumer report" as that term is defined in the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, 15 USC 1681 et seq. (FCRA). Accordingly, LexisNexis® Small Business Risk Score may not be used in whole or in part as a factor in determining eligibility for credit, insurance, employment or another permissible purpose under the FCRA. Due to the nature of the origin of public record information, the public records and commercially available data sources used in reports may contain errors. Source data is sometimes reported or entered inaccurately, processed poorly or incorrectly, and is generally not free from defect. This product or service aggregates and reports data, as provided by the public records and commercially available data sources, and is not the source of the data, nor is it a comprehensive compilation of the data. Before relying on any data, it should be independently verified.