Managing Your Customer Data Is an Interactive Process


Is Your Customer Data A House of Cards?

Managing customer data is complicated:

Mountains of data to manage

Inputs come from a number of sources, in inconsistent formats

Patchwork of systems and sources (Average of 36 data-gathering systems and vendors used for marketing efforts) 1

Complex, customized data requests to support critical business initiatives

Rules-based linking doesn't effectively match up associated records

But it's so critical to your business. To make things even more complicated, data isn't static.


changes in marital status per year2


people move per year3
40% never notify the Post Office per year4


of telephone numbers change per year5


jobs will be held by Millenials over their working lives6

By some estimates, data can decay up to 5.5% per month7

Poor data quality can have big impacts on your organization:

of revenue8
of failed business initiatives9
the cost of non-compliance compared to compliance10

And the longer you take, the more costly things can become

Doing nothing is costly. Sirius Decisions states that per record, it costs11:

Data doesn't just support your business, it is your business. See what it takes to build a solid customer data foundation.

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