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Drive Smarter Portfolio Evaluations and Decisions

Concise portfolio reports deliver expanded visibility.

The success of your debt portfolio strategy and ultimately, your business, is a direct result of the quality and accessibility of key data that defines the value of your portfolio. However, too often, defining that value takes a substantial investment of time and money.

The LexisNexis® Portfolio Evaluation Report quickly drills down to the most relevant portfolio information and presents a concise summary report that is easy to understand. The report makes it easier for you to value portfolios for purchase or sale, evaluate month-over-month placements and compare portfolio placements from different originators.

Critical data elements are provided to drive well-informed buying, selling and evaluation decisions. The report is built around six key sections:

  • Input Analytics: Allows a quick evaluation of expected quality of the batch process response.
  • Hygiene & Compliance: A robust summary of LexID® for Consumer Population, Date of Birth, Generational distribution and accuracy, Deceased, Contact Risk, Possible Incarceration and Bankruptcy.
  • Scoring Analytics: Measures consumer ability to pay or potential fraud.
  • Contact & Locate: Summarizes Best Address, Best Phone and Best Email with additional details.
  • Loss Mitigation: Display summarization of the consumer Property and Judgement & Liens to identify assets available or compromised.
  • Business Data: Provides insights such as best company name, FEIN and business executives.

Leverage the Portfolio Evaluation Report to gain a clear understanding of your portfolio and a competitive advantage that can increase profits and impact performance.

Want to know more? Read our LexisNexis® Portfolio Evaluation Report brochure.

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LexisNexis® Portfolio Evaluation Report Brochure

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