When it comes to big data, do more with less.

What good is big data if it takes significant time and personnel resources just to process it? Turn raw data into meaningful insights in just seconds, with less code.

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Don’t let big data overwhelm you.

Organizations are increasingly forced to crunch through and make sense of massive data sets in order to derive meaningful insights. Each day that data grows exponentially, and with it the complexity of analysis. Unfortunately time doesn’t grow in equal measure, leading to frustration among the teams responsible for managing it all.

That’s where we come in.

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions has built a high performance computing cluster technology, HPCC Systems®, to help clients process and analyze tremendous amounts of data in a matter of seconds. HPCC Systems® is open source, so you benefit from lower cost, continuous improvement and innovation, greater flexibility and scalability.

Our big data technology platform leverages Enterprise Control Language (ECL), which is specifically designed for processing big data tasks more efficiently, with far less code. An included graphical IDE for ECL simplifies development, testing, and debugging for greater speed to production. 

HPCC Systems has been proven in mission-critical big data production environments across industry for over a decade.

Learn more about the core components that drive HPCC's superior results and see how we can put it to work for your toughest big data challenges.
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