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Our Insight: Laser-focused, Far and Wide

Corporations and non-profits have multiple, often competing goals to meet: Keep money coming in, and operating costs down. Make decisions quickly, with reduced risk and full compliance. Drive efficiencies while maintaining security, privacy and harmonious relationships. A tall order? Not with LexisNexis Risk Solutions informing you every step of the way — through sound, data-driven intelligence.

We offer multiple solutions for risk mitigation such as fraud and identity management, credit risk assessment, and financial crime compliance, to help businesses of all sizes drive higher revenue growth, maximize operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Discover how our solutions effectively mitigate risk and support intelligent decisions. 

Financial Crime Compliance

Expertly manage financial crime risk with fortified and efficient compliance of AML, FCPA and other regulations.
credit risk

Credit Risk Assessment

Get a complete, accurate picture of a financial life beyond the credit report. Profitably grow your portfolio.

Fraud and Identity Management

Verify identities and protect your organization from myriad fraud risks without turning off legitimate customers.
customer acquisition

Customer Acquisition

Zero-in on ideal prospects and avoid risky ones. Boost lift and efficiency. Seize opportunities your competitors missed.
collection recovery

Collections and Recovery

It’s not just about recovering the debt: Prioritize your collections strategies to optimize ROI and compliance.

Payments Efficiency

Eliminate costly failed payments and achieve high straight-through processing.

Investigations and Due Diligence

Don’t compromise your reputation with free solutions. Get the sophisticated, data-driven intelligence your job demands.
customer information management

Customer Information Management

Keep up with constantly changing customer data across your enterprise. Make it clean, consistent and fit for the task.

Small and Mid-Sized Business Risk

Uncover critical hard-to-find insights, and capitalize on SMB opportunities you formerly would have passed by.
big data

Big Data Infrastructure

Process and analyze big data for actionable intelligence. Foster financial inclusion and transparency, and mitigate risk.

Risk Orchestration

Automate complex processes and decision making to safely onboard more customers, mitigate fraud and manage ongoing risk.

We're the innovators of informed decision making offering a variety of solutions across multiple delivery platforms including Batch, XML and Online to help organizations fine-tune their assessment of risk and opportunity against a backdrop of change. 

LexisNexis® Risk Solutions Offers Several Advantages

Vast Data Resources: 

Over four petabytes of updated content (65 billion public and proprietary records, from 10,000+ different sources. 

Big Data Technology: 

Our proprietary super-computing platform, HPCC Systems®, yields lightning-fast results.

Linking and Analytics: 

Patented linking and clustering connects disparate information for the most complete picture of people, assets and entities.

Industry-Specific Expertise and Delivery: 

We’ve worked in the industries we serve and understand the unique challenges of each.

Flexible Delivery:

We meet the varying needs of corporations and non-profits with flexible delivery options: Batch, XML, and online. 

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We believe in the power of data and analytics
to manage risk & uncover opportunity.

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